Project management for private clients

A new build or rebuild is not a daily activity for most people. A building project such as an extension, attic conversion or even a new kitchen requires many decisions. Can you decide which are the right choices?

Many people imagine that they are saving money by managing their own project. But how do you resolve issues with companies who do not keep their appointments, unforeseen expenses and work not finished on time. Why not save yourself this needless worry? By engaging the services of Millers Time as project manager you get what you had planned and avoid unwanted surprises and/or overpaying. Millers Time can manage your whole project from beginning to end, or part-manage it.

How can Millers Time help you?

  • Calculation of costs or quotation assessment.
  • Obtaining job quotations and/or checking quotations.
  • Assessing the most favourable purchasing terms.
  • Dimensioning, structural, and work drawings.
  • Purchasing, and payment timescales.
  • Drawing up and checking purchasing.
  • Time planning and monitoring.
  • Assessing cost adjustments for any changes to work schedules.
  • Completion control and signing off.

One contact person

During a renovation project you will have many different companies to deal with. Working with Millers Time means you will have one contact person providing you with expert advice and support throughout your project?

Millers Time will organise viewings, evaluate the quotations and in consultation with you, make a decision on which contractor to use and at what price. Precise agreements contribute to a smooth and problem-free build. And with Millers Time as your partner, you are guaranteed the best quality for the best price.

Costs of project management

Whenever you plan a new building or construction project, the cost is naturally important. This will also depend on the size of the project, so clear agreements on the cost of project management must be made beforehand. Each part of the building process will be costed and a free quotation given..

In practice, the time and costs saved easily outweigh the cost of the project management.

To find out exactly what the costs will be for your project, contact us for a quotation or further information.