Other services

A build, rebuild or refurbishment can only be costed when it is known exactly what is required. Often structural drawings are needed. Millers Time works in partnership with companies who can supply these for you.

Structural changes

Do you need to structurally make changes to a building, for example, the removal of a load-bearing wall or changes to the façade? If so, you are required by law to have structural drawings and calculations prepared. Millers Time can arrange for structural drawings and calculations and if required, calculate the cost of these changes.

Interior designers, architects and landscape architects

Millers Time works in partnership with a number of architects who can produce both 2D and 3D drawings that will show you how will your ideas look in reality.

Then, based on these drawings, we can calculate the total of the build and whether your plans are within your budget. When completed, the drawings can also be submitted when applying for planning permission.

Example 1:

Renovation of a house. The existing and new situation including the layout.

Example 2:

Building permit drawings: BA -01 existing situation and BA -02 new situation.

Example 3:

An architect’s impression for a design for a new kitchen and the kitchen as it looks now.

Example 4:

Photo of a house in its existing situation and an architect’s impression of how it could look.

Example 5:

Photo of the existing rear of a house and an architect’s impression of the new building.