Architectural cost calculations

Before starting a building project, the most important aspect is a detailed and realistic understanding of the costs involved. An architectural cost calculation is more than just an addition of amounts and prices. Millers Time can give advice on building methods, compare various solutions and offer alternatives. Our customers include building contractors, building consultants, architects and private clients

What we can do for you

  • Provide a detailed calculation with all architectural costs itemised.
  • Draw up a procurement tender detailing all the accompanying activities.
  • Obtain quotations on your behalf in the name of your company.
  • Provide an estimation of costs at the design stage.
  • Architectural cost calculations to determine the feasibility of a project. If desired, the calculation can also be accompanied by a feasibility report detailing points requiring attention and a risk assessment.
  • Architectural cost calculation check. Calculations and quotations are impartially assessed for completeness and market conformity.
  • Draw up a bill of quantities from drawings and architectural specifications.

All of the above can be delivered for a pre-arranged price. Contact me for a quotation or for further information.

Working method

“Time is money” is a well-known truism, but it should never be at the expense of quality and accuracy. These days, large technical drawings on paper and measurements using a ruler are things of the past.

By working completely digitally via a PDF drawing on a screen, it is now possible to calculate amounts, colour in or shade what has been calculated and produce a bill of quantities. This is then imported directly into a calculation programme. The PDF drawings can then be saved and if needed, included in the cost price calculation. In addition, being able to import the text of the construction specifications, or any other documents into my program means it saves time and ensures that mistakes do not occur. By combining activity or element libraries in the calculation programme, a complete activity or part activity can be imported into the calculation. Thanks to these and other advanced working methods, it becomes possible to produce a quicker and more accurate calculation.