Expert architectural cost calculations, building surveys, project management and consultancy services

Millers Time (John Miller*) provides architectural cost calculations, building surveys, project management and building consultancy services in English and Dutch

Whether you are a building contractor or a private client requiring a costing, Millers Time has over 25 years experience to offer, including project management and general professional advice.

“I’ve been providing architectural cost calculations for the building trade for over 25 years, so it’s in my blood. Whether you’re looking for an experienced architectural cost calculator for an order or tender, a building survey report or project management for a new build or renovation of your house, contact Millers Time for detailed calculations and professional advice.”

John C. Miller

* John Miller was born in England and has been living and working in Holland for over 40 years.

Architectural cost calculations

An understandable and realistic cost calculation gives you a better insight into costs, working methods and possible alternatives for construction.

Project Management

Engaging an experienced project manager can avoid unnecessary surprises; saving time, money and worries.

Building survey Reports

Make sure your not faced with any unwanted (financial) surprises. An appropriate survey  for every situation

Other services

Millers Time can also supply architectual and structural drawings for any ideas or changes you would like to make to your house or company building

Contact with Millers Time?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries or for a quotation.

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– Architects

– Building Consultants

– Building Contractors

– Private clients

Owner’s associations

– Property Developers


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